Monthly Archives: October 2011

Plumbing Complete, But No Go

I’ve completed the return plumbing which is the pipe in the far left of the picture below.  You can’t see it in the picture, but there is a tube directing the flow to the tank’s main section in order to maximize circulation.  The overflow takes water from the rear chamber.


This is the 30 gallon tank with all of the sand and rock moved over (which is why the water is a bit cloudy).  There is approximately 50 lbs of sand and 30 lbs of live rock.  One thing to keep in mind while taking sand out of an established tank is that the smell is quite potent.  You’ll probably want to have your windows open. The original stock return pump for the 29 gallon bio-cube worked fine in the 14 gallon sump located in the cabinet below the main tank.  However, this 243 gph is not quite powerful enough to pump the water up 8 ft of 1/2″ pvc piping with 6 90 degree elbos.  I sprung for the Rio HyperFlow 10HF ($45 from Amazon) which is a 660 gph pump.  I probably should have done more research on maximum head height because this pump also was not powerful enough.  I have a Rio HyperFlow 20HF ($78 from Amazon, 1290 gph) on order, which hopefully will do the job.  The box says that with a head of 6 ft, the pump should be able to do 870 gph and that its maximum head is 10.8 ft.  We shall see…

Sump Version 2.0 for 29 Gallon Bio-Cube

I’ve decided to take it one step further by replacing the 14 gallon sump with a 30 gallon tank, which will be hidden in the basement.  A 3/4″ PVC pipe is still being used for the drainage, while a 1/2″ PVC pipe is being used for the return.  I’m going to use the existing overflow I made, but modify it to drain to the basement instead.