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What’s That Smell?

In the middle of the night I woke up wondering what kind of dead zombie animal crawled into my room.  Then I realized that my 10 gallon tank was beginning to cycle!  The water is still pretty clear, but I expect it to get cloudy and then clear up again once the cycle is complete.

New Additions & Updated Pics

I just picked up an Oceanic 14 nano cube for my first saltwater tank


Also picked up a used 10 gallon tank with a bunch of accessories.  I plan on using this to separate the fry from their parents.


Unfortunately, the hood was missing the glass that separated the lights from the condensation and it looks like it shorted out.  I ordered a new hood and defenestrated the old one.


While I was in the picture taking mood, I decided to get some new shots of my 20 gallon


The yellow/black male platy with the blue female platy


Serpae Tetra


Another shot of the Serpae Tetra


Close up of the yellow/black male Platy


Orange male platy


Red/yellow male platy with his girlfriend


Dark male Platy


Farewell Snail

After almost a year, the snail has finally kicked the bucket.  I suspect it has something to do with the salinity level (1.004) because as soon as I added the NaCL to the tank, it stopped moving and quickly retracted into its shell.

I haven’t seen the guppy all day either.  Sometimes he likes to go into hiding but usually comes out at feeding time.

Water Test

30 hours after adding the 5 platies, everyone still seems happy and healthy.  All 8 fish are swimming around very actively.  As it turns out, I have 1 female platy, and 4 males.  This is a bad ratio as it is recommended to have 2 females for every male.  Once I make sure the tank has stabilized I will be adding more platies.

Tonight’s test shows that things are going pretty well, again I apologize for the cell phone camera.


From top to bottom, NO3, NO2, GH, Chlorine, KH, and pH.

The pH is a little high (8) because I was trying to increase the Alkalinity by adding sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO3).  I guess 2 table spoons is too much for a 20g tank.

20g Tank Revived

After getting 5 guppies for the tank and having 4 of them die, I figured I should probably do a water change.  I went to the local hardware store, bought a garden hose attachment, some plastic tubing, and some plumber’s tape.  I attached it all to a 20oz soda bottle with the bottom cut out (pictures soon to come) and then used it to vacuum the gravel in the tank.

I decided that I needed to get a water testing kit.  I ended up getting a bottle of strips that has 6 different tests in one.  The test indicated that the water was a bit hard and that there were moderate levels of NO3, but everything else check out fine.  I continued to do small water changes for the next couple of days until the NO3 returned to a safe level.

Yesterday I picked up 5 Platies from Fishtopia, and they seem to be pretty happy.  They get along pretty well with the 1 remaining guppy of the 5 and the 2 Serpae tetras which I’ve had for over a year now.

I took this pictures with my cell phone, so I know it’s pretty horrible.  Once I get my good camera back I will take some real pictures.

Tank Revived