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29 Gallon Bio-Cube

The leaky 14 gallon has been replaced with a shiny new 29 gallon!  It is quite apparent that the 29 gallon’s filtration design was thought out better than its predecessor.  Some of the corals are still adjusting to the new tank and are not fully opened.  This time I went with 30 lbs of ultra fine white sand and also added tons of extra silicone around all the seams.  Thanks for the rocks Jeff!

Uh Oh!

The Bio-Cube has developed a slow leak!  It’s been about a year and a half since it was setup.  My suspicion is that it is coming from the left front corner.

Tomato Clown

Newest addition to the tank is a Tomato Clownfish.  Since my last post, the orange mushroom has multiplied into seven!

Recent Pictures









New Life

It would be nearly impossible to get a picture of it, bit there are now a few baby shrimp swimming  around the tank!  I have no idea what kind, how they got there, or where they came from but they seem to be pretty active.